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Help Women By Telling Your Story:

(A disclaimer from Flora)

We are trying to bring attention to hair loss and help others from suffering alone. If you are open to speaking publicly about your journey to help de-stigmatize hair loss, please contact me.

All The Best,

– Flora


Flora is an amazing individual that has a gift to help people look and feel great. I am a 37 year old that has suffered with alopecia universal for 6 years. My hair grew back with medication but is again starting to fall. I decided to go to flora so I would be able to live again instead of crawling into a hole and waiting for life to pass me by. I feel alive. Thanks Flora!

– Michie74 ‎ 


I just got my first full sheitel from Flora and it is beautiful. Flora’s sheitels are more expensive than getting a sheitel from some of the places in Brooklyn, but her customer service is unbeatable. She is willing to spend as much time as you want helping you pick out the perfect wig and getting the cut just right. She has a real talent for styling and cutting sheitels in a way that make them look as natural as possible. She takes the time to teach you how to care for that particular sheitel. She stands behind her work and is always willing to help if anything comes up with the sheitel later on. The business is also a really pleasant place to be. Flora works with her husband and the two of them really care about doing their work well and making their customers happy. I would definitely recommend Design by Flora to anyone who can afford it.

– Hava in Highland Park, NJ


“I am a sufferer of hair loss due to genetics and autoimmune issues. This is just such a depressing and isolating condition to go through as a woman. It is also hard to find other women that are going through the same thing and understand. I suffered alone in silence for a few years. The term “wig” just did not sit well with me. I guess I did not realize how totally natural and beautiful “supplemental hair” could be.
After getting a couple of “Toppers” from other sources I fortunately discovered Design by Flora through a friend I met on an online support group for women suffering hair loss. I am lucky in that I live less than two hours from Flora’s salon.
She was able to have a custom Illusion Fall made for me that completely matched my hair color and texture. I came home after getting my “new hair” “cut in” and my husband could not believe how natural it looked. I have been wearing that same Illusion Fall for over a year now and it is still beautiful and very comfortable. No one has any idea that I am “wearing hair”. The hair Flora uses in her Toppers, Illusion Falls, and Wigs is hand picked and of the highest quality. Flora (and her husband David) are both very customer oriented. They respond in a timely manner to e-mails and phone calls. They are eager to recommend products and share information about how to care for the beautiful hair. Flora truly has an artists’ gift of knowing what will work best for each of her clients. I am so fortunate to have found this wonderful couple. They are both so compassionate and caring, I wound recommend Design by Flora highly to anyone who is in need of supplemental hair.”

– Patti, South Jersey


At times, suffering from hair loss can be overwhelming. I was a client of a hair loss salon, but I was not thrilled with the hair piece and was self-conscious with what they sold me to wear on my head. Honestly, I didn’t know that I had any other options– until I found Flora. What a HUGE difference she has made in my life. Flora has eased my anxiety over wearing a hair piece. The quality of her hair pieces is incredible and in my opinion unmatchable. The hair is absolutely gorgeous and what” sold me” was the completely natural looking part. Flora’s customer service is unbeatable. She takes the time to work with her customers and has gone out of her way for me. Flora and her husband David truly care about their customers. The two of them have a heart for their patrons and truly care about making you happy. I am now a life-long customer and friend. Thank you my precious friend for making such an immense impact in my life.

– Robin


When I realized my hair was thinning I was devastated.   I went to several local hair replacement salons but was not happy with the results.  Then I found Design by Flora.  Flora worked with me to design a piece that complemented my hair perfectly.  Her unique talents combined with her compassion and can-do attitude restored my confidence in my appearance – even my close friends can’t tell I’m wearing supplemental hair.  I’ve been a client of Flora’s for over a year now and she is the answer to all my hair loss needs.   Thanks Flora for changing my life forever!

Much gratitude,
– Meg


I’m so glad I found Design by Flora!  I was able to meet with Flora in her salon.  She showed me many options and in the end I decided on a custom piece to most closely match length and color.  The hair is incredible in both texture and quality.  Her Illusion Fall is a unique approach to supplemental hair.  I’ve had the piece for a year and it’s in amazing condition.  Flora answered all my questions and I never felt rushed in the salon.  I’ve been to other salons that feature European human hair but NO ONE compares to Flora with customer service.  She is not happy until you are happy.  Five stars all the way!

– Ann, North Carolina

Hi Flora,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know my new piece is going really well! The hair is beautiful and the front is looking so much flatter. I love it. I’ve been wearing it out at work and everyone has been commenting on how long and pretty it is. It was lovely to meet you and David and to see the ‘hair vault’! Thanks for everything, I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t found you!!
Take care,

– Natalia from Australia


Flora’s hairpieces have provided me with a solution to my hair loss. The illusion fall looks like it’s growing out of my scalp. Flora is understanding and very accommodating. She provided me with a customized piece that fits my needs. I now have gorgeous curly hair again.

– Anna


I’m a 29 year old female who had my hair burned with 3 packets of Clorox 10 years ago. My hair fell out on both sides of my head and the front. In the beginning, I would dye my hair platinum blond so no one would see my bald patches. I was so embarrassed to go out thinking people would just stare at me. I was depressed for years, felt ugly and just didn’t want to go out. One night, I was looking on the internet for wigs or extensions, and I finally found Design By Flora. I went to the Teaneck store, met up with Flora and she helped me find the perfect Illusion Fall. Now I feel beautiful, I can go out on the town, dress up and know I look good! People could never tell that it wasn’t my hair! They would say, “but I see scalp!”. Well, that’s thanks to Flora! I have never met someone who cares so much about her customers the way Flora does! She makes a person feel great! Flora, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a year since I’ve had this hair piece and I can not live without it. You made me feel beautiful again, you made my depression go away, and I can never thank you enough. God bless you and your family and the business. May your business grow bigger, and live on for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

– Anonymous

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