About Flora


Professional Career:

Flora is a highly-respected beauty entrepreneur, talented wig designer, and the founder of Wig Design by Flora, a wig, fall, and topper design and manufacturing company. Flora launched Wig Design by Flora in 2005, empowered with over 20 years of experience in the wig industry. She is renowned for her signature hair enhancement and replacement designs, the “Flora Illusion Fall™” and “Flora Topper,” that are uniquely constructed and styled with Wig Design by Flora branded specifications.

Flora fuses the techniques of traditional wig making with the requirements of the modern day consumer lifestyle. European hair and quality production are meshed with a variety of styles, shapes, and colors that sustain everyday wear for all of the Wig Design by Flora collections. Flora began her foray into the industry after enrolling in beauty school at the age of sixteen. While in beauty school, she began working for a custom wig maker and stylist in Brooklyn and simultaneously worked styling hair at a prestigious Manhattan salon.

Flora realized her passion early on. She loved the creativity and craftsmanship of working with wigs and instantly knew her future was in the wig design business. Flora honed her skills and technique in the small bespoke wig atelier and her talent soon captured the attention of a worldwide wig manufacturer where she worked for nearly twenty years. After assisting thousands of customers throughout the years, Flora developed the perfect formula for well-crafted hair enhancement and replacement piece design, construction, and manufacturing.

Driven by the desire to create her own collection and brand coupled with her need to spend more time with her family, Flora launched Wig Design by Flora. She ventured on her own with husband David, opened a tiny studio space in New Jersey catering to one client, and now has grown the business into a global brand. Wig Design by Flora is still based in New Jersey where thousands of wigs are stocked in the company’s Teaneck showroom and an online platform caters to their worldwide clientele.

Flora has coordinated fashion shows, charity events, and taught educational courses. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and on national television. Born in Moldova, raised in Brooklyn, Flora currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and children. She works from Wig Design by Flora’s New Jersey showroom innovating new wig designs, overseeing operations, and meeting with custom and new clients on a daily basis.